This year, the Ruda Statement turns 50 and the British Government has done nothing but try to discredit Argentina`s solid position. Instead of complying with international law and UN resolutions, the UK distors reality in an attempt to force a malicious version of “their” story. Last week, they started a campaign in which Ambassador Ruda is being attacked.

Ambassador Ruda was an outstanding diplomat, who had the honor to present Argentina`s case at the United Nations. Because of his action, the world recognized Argentina`s rights and the need to settle a sovereignity dispute whose existence the UK simply denied… (and continues to deny). As a result of Ruda`s statement, the General Assemby of the UN adopted a resolution on the “Question of the Malvinas Islands.”

I present the true facts on the Question of the Malvinas Islands to contribute to set the record straight.

Truth Will Always Prevail.

September 2015.