There is a new propaganda booklet produced by the FIG, in which they point out “Facts and Fictions” of the Ruda Statement.

All of them, are very cheap. It is worrisome how much resources are being spent on producing propaganda, instead on trying to build bridges.

But first things first: the “Alegato Ruda” – which was delivered 50 years ago- is still one of the masterpieces of International Law.  Ruda`s 8.000-word speech was celebrated by the international community, which endorsed Argentina`s position. Ambassador Ruda gave a detailed account of the historical facts before and after the occupation of part of the Argentine territory and revealed that the British position is only based on force and a systematic colonization plan that it seeks to present today as relating to a “right” that the UK only describes as a “principle”: that of the self-determination of peoples under colonial subjugation.